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Earliest birth yearLeiba Elia Krigel ‎(I636)‎
Birth 1773
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearYankel Gozenpud ‎(I251)‎
Birth 1854 49 Minsk
Death May 1881 ‎(Age 27)‎ Minsk
Latest death year Emilia "Mila" Liberman ‎(I285)‎
Birth 6 February 1929 26 25
Death 13 September 2016 ‎(Age 87)‎ Sao Paulo, Brasil
Person who lived the longest
Girsh "Hirsch" Bekkerman ‎(I087)‎
Birth 1813 Igumen, Minsk gubernia, Russian Empire
Death 1917 ‎(Age 104)‎ Age: 104 Igumen, Belorussia
Average age at death
Males: 66   Females: 70
Family with the most children
Movsha Krigel + Bessie Axelrod ‎(F217)‎
Average number of children per family
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7 September 2011 - 5:07:09am

I changed hosting for this software from my home computer to external server under domain. Hopefully this would make things more reliable in the future. In the process, I upgraded software and removed some of the features, nobody ever used.

What you see here is not a final product, but a living repository that should be more then a simple list of names and relationships. I want to get faces and stories behind the names.

Visit FAQ for tips and suggestions on adding and editing things. Enjoy!
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